We drink milk and order standing tables while getting rid of microwave ovens. We follow traditions and do some things be the force of habit without really thinking what started them. It’s time to stop and separate healthy habits from those that can actually cause harm. Here’s a list of 6 habits you can drop give up right now!


Working at a Standing Desk


Standing desks became a trend a couple of years ago when someone decided that standing up is better for your health than sitting down. If you’re thinking about buying yourself a new desk, think again. A study with over 4000 subjects found out that standing desks do not decrease chances of chronic diseases usually associated with a sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, standing burns calories faster than sitting, so if you wish to get rid of a couple of extra pounds, standing up may be a good choice for you.


Using Antibacterial Soap All the Time


Clean hands keep you healthy, that’s why your mom asked you to wash them before eating. But that doesn’t mean you should go overboard and use antibacterial soap, wipes or gels. The more you use these products, the higher the risk of getting skin dysbacteriosis. It will make your skin itch and peel because along with dirt antibacterial products destroy the natural pH balance and good bacteria, essential for our health. Choose regular soap and wash your hands when you really need to.


Choosing Low-Fat or Fat-Free Food


You might not remember it, but fat-free products first made an appearance merely 20 years ago. Millions of people around the world decided it was their chance to get healthy and slim. Two decades later scientists proved, that non-fat or low-fat products do not have any positive effect on your chances to become fit or the risk of getting cancer of heart conditions. Besides, non-fat food deprives you of healthy fat, which makes you cranky and sluggish.


Avoiding Microwave


Using microwave destroys all the nutrients in food and makes it bad for your health! That is a myth disproved by Harvard scientists. Microwaves make water molecules in food vibrate and the resultant molecular friction heats products extremely fast. Some researchers prove that microwave can be healthier than the stove or the oven because the heating process is quick and most nutrients are saved, while slow cooking can significantly reduce the nutritive value of food.


Ingesting Dairy Products Daily


It’s a habit most people retain from childhood: eating yogurt or drinking a glass of milk every day. The general opinion states that milk and dairy products contain calcium, needed for healthy teeth and bones. In reality, though, most Americans, who drink milk daily usually suffer from osteoporosis! Moreover, scientists have already disproved the theory that dairy products can positively influence the number of useful intestine bacteria. In fact, drinking milk is more likely to cause bowel movements problems. So try to at least limit your dairy intake, if you can’t quit altogether.


Stopping Yourself from Cracking Knuckles


You must have heard at least once in your life that cracking knuckles leads to arthritis and other joints disorders. Luckily, the scientists finally discovered that the cracking noise appears because of the gasses inside knuckles that make joints more flexible. In 2009 Donald Unger was rewarded Ig Nobel Prize in medicine for proving that cracking knuckles does not lead to arthritis. For 60 years he cracked joints of his left hand daily. Six decades later he had no arthritis symptoms whatsoever.


It’s not the full list of “healthy” habits worth getting rid of, but only the beginning. How many of these do you possess? And will you get rid of them now, that you realise they’re causing you more harm than good?