It’s 2016 and without a doubt a fantastic year to be a Vegan; monitoring the production of food and choosing what we allow access to our gut has never been so simple!


For those of you considering this diet, it’s easy to bypass the struggle or to even imagine the hardships of this regimented diet before the hipsters got hold of it.


It’s been tough for us long-timers having to exist on a staple of Rice Krispies and Soy milk whilst fighting the stigma attached to an all plant based food regime consistently considered ‘unhealthy.’ It helps me recall almost TOO vividly the rollercoaster of highs and lows it has been for me and my Vegan tribe:



The Lows.


– I think it is obvious that nobody turns vegan for the Convenience. Several years ago the public were not afforded the same plethora of choices we are bombarded with today and eating ‘out’ in a world where dairy free didn’t exist surely did wonders for my self esteem when I saw my friends Facebook posts of them all together at the steak house.


– As a beginner in a world not set up for those of us considered just ‘fussy’ eaters my Energy levels noticeably dipped. I couldn’t concentrate and I was undeniably a horrible person to be around. Depriving your body can make it do all sorts of crazy manic things if you don’t get the nutrients you need… leading to even less dinner invites.


– Then there are the influencers… the family, the friends, the ones that try to change you and the worst of them all: Alcohol! Getting drunk and waking up next to a kebab was perhaps my lowest point starting out as a fresh Vegan and I crucified myself for days afterwards… until eventually comforting myself with the acceptance that having a drunk one night stand with a kebab isn’t perhaps the worst thing that has happened.





But naturally Life is all about balance and luckily with every low point there was a highlight to soften the turbulence!





The Highs.


+ More of a reason to resist those cravings! Will power is something you have to get very good at as a Vegan, but cravings for processed food can be easier to combat when you’re denying those foods because of an ethical choice rather than a fad diet. In the land before time I would crave ice cream to the point my dreams were consumed by tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, yet once I passed the addiction stage I no longer craved bad foods. YEY! On top of this my food expenses began to decrease; because you don’t need ‘ice cream’ to ‘survive’ -me and my waistline chant together!


+ When you enter this world you are met with all kinds of Eccentrics that seem to have nothing better to do with their time other than chant about their extremist views and bent politics. Being associated with this crowd or even the Stereotype their following gains is by no means considered a ‘pro’ yet their stories and manic crazy view points do make me smile and help to glamorise our lifestyle.


+ When the horse meat scandal came out a few years ago in the UK the false marketing claims were the talk of the nation. Whilst all my friends spat and chortled in disgust that they could have possible eaten a horse (I’ll never fully understand why it is considered OK to eat a cow but not a horse) I sat smugly confident in the knowledge that I hadn’t been a member of the ‘deceived’ public.





I look back at my early days now fondly, whilst reminding myself how I struggled in the beginning. Having to take into consideration something that is a basic core essential of life is a battle, yet one that I remind myself brought benefits to me moving forward.


Whatever diet you follow, there are always going to be high and lows.

But what’s life without a little challenge?