Weight-loss and improved health are a focus for many people around the world and, with more than 30% of Americans and a similar number in the United Kingdom being listed as clinically obese, it is an understandable that it has become a priority. With this growth in focus comes the hunt for quick-wins and silver bullets, ways to exponentially increase one’s fitness and health while still being able to eat as much red velvet cake as humanly possible.


Superfoods are seen in many circles as these quick-wins, foods that can significantly influence and improve one’s health while the rest of their diet remains the same. An example of this in action can be seen in this study on Grapefruits (link) where groups of obese patients were asked to consume differing amounts of grapefruit and through different mediums: pills and juices for example. They identified that grapefruit significantly suppressed insulin responses and contributed heavily to weight-loss.


But this isn’t always true, with many still believing that most superfoods are fads, fundamentally tricking us into believing that they will influence weight-loss when they are simply placebos. In this blog post I thought I would give you a few that I enjoy eating, and that do significantly contribute to good health if consumed correctly.



Mean green alligator pears. Avocados are full of so many major nutrients including iron, potassium, vitamin E & C, aamong others. Not only are they incredibly healthy on their own, but they also encourage further nutrient absorption. With a reported study showing that any US adult who had eaten avocado in a 24-hour period had absorbed significantly more fibre, potassium, vitamin K and E than other adults who had not consumed the well-named alligator pear…Pretty awesome right?



As previously mentioned, the grapefruit is an incredible fruit that suppresses your insulin levels, fills you up and, most importantly, is made up of hardly any calories. It is, hands down, one of the best ingredients for everything from fruit cups to savory salads. Coupled with green or pu-erh tea, the grapefruit will seriously boost your fat-burning abilities.



Related to spinach, (I know, who knew!) quinoa was once the staple of the Incas and today is a great substitute for couscous and rice.

This unsuspecting grain is packed with protein and, again, most of the core nutrients that you need to remain healthy. As these are highly rich in protein, your body actually expends energy to consume each quinoa calorie.

Once you have found a good quinoa-based recipe, like one of these from Cookie+Kate, you can buy this super food from theLifeCo.


So superfoods, here are three, and now it’s for you to encounter more… give them a shot and see what you find!