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Superfoods: What Are They and What Makes Them Super?

Weight-loss and improved health are a focus for many people [...]

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6 Ways To Clean Your Social Life Before Your Diet

Deciding to change your diet is a huge and amazing [...]

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How Journalling Can Help You Enhance Your Mind

3 tips to help you journal and keep yourself sane [...]

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3 Healthy Recipes We Definitely Want To Try

Some people eat to live, others live to eat. Many [...]

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How to Endure Summer Heat in the City? 7 Rules of Chinese Medicine

The hottest summer month is upon us and city streets [...]

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Learn How to Break Your Sugar Addiction in 2 Weeks

Do you have a sweet tooth? Always saying “yes” to [...]

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Try These Infinitely Healthier Alternatives To Your Cravings

It was once believed that cravings were related to certain [...]

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Vegan Diaries: Highs and Lows Of A Vegan Lifestyle. (And Loving the Challenge)

It's 2016 and without a doubt a fantastic year to [...]

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The Cramp Nightmare: Why It Happens and How To Prevent It

Cramp is an extremely unpleasant sensation that can feel paralysing. [...]

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6 “Healthy” Habits You Should Give Up Right Now

We drink milk and order standing tables while getting rid [...]

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